Book box
Ideal for books, CDs, DVDs, tapes, bottles, photo albums and other heavy items.
Medium box / Linen box
Large box
China & Dish box
Flat screen TV box / Picture box
Wardrobe box 24" + Bar
Use for clothes, linens, toys, pots and pans, small appliances, games, housewares and non-breakables.
Use for linens, toys and housewares wrapped in our inkless newsprint or bubble wrap
Heavy duty, double-walled china carton. Use for dishes and other breakables.
Use for flat screen TVs or all kind of sizes of pictures.
Dynamic Movers offers a full line of moving boxes and supplies. Our large selection of high quality moving boxes will help make your move a breeze! Along with moving boxes, Dynamic Movers offers a full array of packing tape, bubble wrap, protective wraps, and moving kits.
At Dynamic Movers, we want to make your move as easy as possible. All of our moving boxes and supplies are shipped to your door in a matter of days at no additional charge! 

* South Florida only: Free delivery for orders over $99.00
Our store! 
Price: $4.00

Size: 12x12x18
Price: $6.00

Size: 17x17x17
Price: $9.00

Size: 18x18x24
Price: $12.00

Size: 18x18x27
Price: $30.00

Size: 55x36x10
Use for shirts, suits, pants, skirts, gowns and coats. Just remove your clothes from the closet and place them in our wardrobes. Place your shoes on the bottom of the box.
Price: $20.00

Size: 24x21x46
Bubble wrap - Large bubble
Use to wrap fragile items.
Sizes available: 25', 50', 100', 250'
Price:  $20.00 - 25'
            $35.00 - 50'
            $60.00 - 100'
            $120.00 - 250'
White packing paper
Use to neatly wrap scratchable and breakable items. Won't leave black marks on items or hands like old newspapers.
Price: $18.00

Size: 10lbs
Packing tape 
Use to tape boxes on top and bottom.
Price: $3.50

Size: Per roll 
Tape gun dispenser 
Quickly and efficiently seal any box. Top quality, lightweight, and easy to use, the tape gun dispenser is a must for all moving. Comes with one tape roll.
Price: $18.00

Shrink wrap & dispenser 
Bundle, band, wrap or tie with our narrow width stretch film. This high quality cast film clings to itself without adhesives and is residue free. Economical alternative to strapping, tape, twine or wire and comes with a reusable plastic dispenser for easy handling.
Price: $15.00

Mattress bag 
Durable, clear-plastic mattress bags protect your mattress and box springs during moving or storing from dust and water damage.
Price: $12.00

Size: Twin, Full,
         Queen, King. 
Studio kit 
A $128.00 VALUE! SALE PRICE:$109.00

7 Book Boxes
3 Linen Boxes
1 China (Dishpack) Box
2 Wardrobe Boxes
1 Tape Gun with 1 Tape
1 Queen size Mattress Bag
Price: $109.00

One bedroom kit 
A $239.50 VALUE! SALE PRICE:$199.00

10 Book Boxes
  8 Linen Boxes
  3 China (Dishpack) Box
  3 Wardrobe Boxes
  1 White Packing Paper 11lb  
  1 Tape Gun with 1 Tape
  3 Rolls of Tape 
  1 Queen size Mattress Bag
Price: $199.00

Two bedroom kit 
A $422.00 VALUE! SALE PRICE:$299.00

20 Book Boxes
12 Linen Boxes
6 China (Dishpack) Box
6 Wardrobe Boxes
1 White Packing Paper 11lb
1 Tape Gun with 2 Tapes
5 Rolls of Tape 
1 Queen size Mattress Bag
1 King size Mattress Bag
Price: $299.00

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